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Speed reading represents a current and appealing topic. The flow of information we have to face daily is ever intensifying and diversifying. According to recent estimates, the quantity of new information generated by mankind doubles every three to five years. An average reader will read around 250 words per minute, while a person using the speed reading technique will read 1,000 words per minute. More experienced speed readers state that the level of understanding of the information they read is greater when using the speed reading technique. The intensive nature of the training leads to quickly developing the ability to read faster and to memorize and understand better. By merely practicing reading as a regular activity afterwards, one will ensure the habit becomes a permanent one.

DEMO - Workout: 250-300wpm

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Follow and read the marked words.

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The SpeeRead project started in January 2013. It proposes an original algorithm, based on psychological principles; tested and continuously improved through the use of scientific research and studies, an algorithm designed to develop the speed reading skill. Speed reading is a skill that can be acquired by everyone who wants to train in an appropriate way. SpeeRead delivers the optimum training program for each user. Once you reach a reading speed of over 500 wpm, you can consider yourself a speed reader. Speed reading takes place by going through the entire text, word by word, at a greater speed than usual.
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